Monday, December 26, 2011

Maine Problems

Apparently before I woke up some alarm went off on our septic tank. So while I woke up to a delicious breakfast from my dad featuring his INFAMOUS popover pancakes (think POPOVERS, but also think PANCAKES, and then think about those things together with lots of butter and powdered sugar and Maine blueberries) I also woke up to the news that there will be no pooping, showering or dishwashing until the plumber and contractor make it out here. So that means I live in my bed now, I guess.

Our stepmom had to take a last minute flight back to the city today because her dad is very ill and he had to go back into the hospital this morning. Total bummer. We're going back later this week, but until then it's just me, my brother and my dad, or as I like to call it: 1 Woman and 2 Babies. The upside to this is between the two of them I am getting a LOT of inspiration for a new pilot.

I regret drinking coffee this morning. You know what I mean here.

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