Monday, January 08, 2007

Wait, is this really happening?

Okay so I am starting to get nervous... tomorrow is the big day. Major facial reconstruction. Significant bone movement. Redesigning my face. Becoming the Bionic Woman. I am certainly being overdramatic here but while I have spent the last month thinking how totally cool I am being about all this, I woke up this morning with a very stiff back and a big knot in my stomach. I am incredibly nervous. I suppose it is only natural, but I am talking so nervous that I couldn't even eat all of my delicious breakfast sandwhich from Murray's Bagels this morning. And this is the last day I get to actually EAT food. Here's hoping I will be able to fall asleep tonight... hopefully the sedatives they give me tomorrow morning in the hospital will take care of any lingering fears. In fact, I am assuming that before I know it I will wake up to discover it's done.

I have to spend a night (maybe two in the hospital) and who knows when I am going to be back online... but you can bet that when I am feeling well enough I will be writing on this blog and stalking people on Facebook. Thank God for the internet! Additionally, I now have Season 5 of 24 to keep me busy. Unfortunately my room here in NYC is always strangely hot, so let's hope I can bear the heightened temperatures while I convalesce for the next two weeks.

I've got to go do as much talking and eating as possible now, but I'll post again later... probably around 3:30 am when I still can't fall asleep...

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