Wednesday, December 05, 2007


For a city that is so dependent on cars, what is the deal with people in LA not understanding how to park? Or rather, why are the majority of LA drivers (and people in my neighborhood) inconsiderate assholes who have absolutely no concern for those that they share the streets and limited non-permit parking spots with?

I am considering creating a pamphlet which I will insert underneath the windshield wipers of the cars on my block, asking them to please, pull all the way up to, or back to the red zone, to allow the maximum number of cars possibles to fit in the grey "parking permitted" areas. And people who drive Ford Expeditions should just be shot. Complete, unnecessary waste. And they are contributing significantly to excessive Carbon Dioxide emissions and global warming. And they take up about 2 parking spots. And they are gas guzzling, road-blocking, inconsiderate drivers.


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