Thursday, December 20, 2007

I work hard for the money

So after three days on the job, here are some thoughts:


I don't really know how to describe what it is like being an assistant, but after these three days I have had a few Lloyd-like moments (you would only understand that reference if you watch Entourage). It is both stressful, terrifying and really exciting. I'm going to learn a lot--that is for certain.

But really, I think that it is the transition from the strange, and unusual life I have led over the past year (aka no job) to this new one. I am no longer in control of my activities, I am no longer only responsible for myself. Of course, the best part of this is the paycheck and the fact that my vacation until January 7th is PAID.

The most interesting thing I have noticed about jumping from life in permanent vacation to my life working (all three days of it so far) is the huge adjustment I am going to have to make to getting less sleep. THAT SUCKS. I mean, I was averaging about 10 hours per night for a year. A year!

Yes, I am aware I am incredibly spoiled.

I am writing this from the airport in Burbank, entertainingly titled the "Bob Hope Airport" (my dad wanted to know if they told bad jokes here, which reminded me of his skill at making bad jokes), and I am doing one of my favorite things to do in airports... drinking.

I love to drink before I fly. Why? First of all, drinking in an airport is the one place where I think it is socially acceptable to drink by yourself. Furthermore, getting a little buzzed before a flight is so much fun, especially if it means you get to drink some bloody marys. I am on number two right now.

Holiday travel sucks and mine has hardly begun. This is my first experience with it, and yes I have been privileged in previous years with little to no commute over the holidays, but I am in a mood where I feel like complaining about getting less than ten hours of sleep and having to travel over the holidays. Poor me. Life is rough, ain't it?

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