Friday, December 07, 2007

Why I Love Celine Dion, Pt. 2

This video pretty much speaks for herself. Feelings I experience when watching? Awe, embarrassment, pain (from laughter), and then... joy.


Nathaniel said...

Fist off I love that you blog. Second off, I also hate katherine snaggle haigle tooth tiger. Celine can suck on my balls, and you better make it back to the east cost for new years.

Maine up Cali... make them raise to our level. I really hate most of what makes LA, LA.

You are the real daughter of the real John Stamos.

Lets have another dance off at Amy's camp.

Nathaniel said...

She has teeth like the snow shovels that dominate northern maine.

Matt said...

" did my bag get over here?"

"For the fourth time, I'm 99% sure that you carried it, Stamos."

I hate the words "blog" and "smock". "Blogsmock". You can't see it. I just cringed.

Matt said...

Nate is laying on the couch right now wearing a stained undershirt. He may or may not be groping his person under the down comforter (which is leaking feathers.) Our apartment smells of scrambled eggs and gentlemanly bodymusk.