Monday, February 25, 2008

Awards Hangover

I arrived to work early this morning, in the anticipation that there would be hundreds of emails to read, calls to return and lots to follow up on. Wrong. Things are slow today in Hollywood, thanks to the Academy Awards and the likely possibility that a high percentage of people in this town are nursing some killer hangovers right now. I myself feel hungover, sadly not from fancy and exclusive parties with Prince or Madonna, but from two days of serious skiing and a late flight back to LA last night. I watched the majority of the Oscars, thanks to a strategically placed bar in the Salt Lake City airport (where, FYI, last call is 9:30 pm. Uh, okay.) and got plenty of red carpet coverage this morning thanks to the myriad of blogs and columns I read.

Here are a few lingering thoughts in the wake of Hollywood's Biggest Self Congratulatory Night of 2008:

Katherine Heigl needs to rethink her hairdo. She looks 29 going on 45.

Why was Jessica Alba at the Oscars? For the second year in a row? Honestly.

Loved Jon Stewart. So many people today have been commenting about how boring the show was or how unexciting. I would disagree. While the show lacked little surprising moments I thought he was great. I especially loved the joke in which he described Away From Her, in which a woman with Alzheimer's forgets her husband, as being what Hillary Clinton thought was the feel good movie of the year.

Daniel Day Lewis and Javier Bardem, despite being Oscar sure things, were both so gracious and humble accepting their awards, it was lovely.

I am a little disappointed that there were no reenactments of the infamous milkshake line from There Will Be Blood.

Ryan Seacrest should fire his stylist after wearing that brown mess for his red carpet interviews.

I am a little disappointed that Gary Busey's presence at the awards wasn't really apparent after the strange encounter with Jennifer Garner. I could have used a few Busey reaction shots from time to time. He was probably drinking at the bar.

Jack Nicholson, in his permanent front row seat glory, never ceases to delight me. They should really just set up a camera on him at all times. The Jack Cam!

In all, I am glad the Oscar's are over and I get this freebie slow day at work. And P.S. I am a little disappointed that No Country For Old Men took home the top prize--it was good, sure, but it didn't wow my socks off. Actually, of all the best pic nominees, the only two that did were Michael Clayton and There Will Be Blood. Thing is, the Oscar's are so political anyways... and soon enough we'll only remember highlights--such as Javier Bardem's bowl cut, and Cate Blanchett's skill at playing man, woman, and even dog.

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Ashley Lyddane said...

I would like to take a moment and say that Amy Ryan was ROBBED.