Sunday, February 24, 2008

Live Blog From a Snowstorm (Sort of)

Never fear my loyal readers (do I have loyal readers? Reveal yourselves!) I am currently watching the Academy Awards in Park City, Utah, where a raging snowstorm ensues outside (I am not exaggerating but the snow level on the porch is up to my neck!). Anyways, this isn't going to be a complete live blog because I will have to leave for the airport eventually.

Here are some of my observations thus far (while watching E! Live from the Red Carpet):

1. What is Ryan Seacrest wearing? Is that a mock turtleneck? Oh my god.

2. Guiliana, despite always bearing a strange resemblance to an alien, looks great. I love her. Big fan.

3. Jon Travolta and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson are sporting the same haircut. Jon Travolta should not sport this look again. He is also a Scientologist. Just a note.

4. Patrick Dempsey--love him. And I love the fact that ABC always has token stars from TV shows at the awards. For example, Miley Cyrus? (ABC is owned by Disney) I mean, is she really a movie star? I know Hannah Montana 3D or whatever it was called was very successful at the box office but I wouldn't put her in the same ranks as the other A-list talent at the show tonight. Also, has anyone noticed that the Cadillac CTS commercial with Kate Walsh has now aired twice? This isn't even ABC and yet E! is pimping their starts too! It's globalization at its best.

5. While running to print out my boarding pass I missed a bizarre encounter with Gary Busey and Jennifer Garner. I caught the tale end of the J-Gar/Seacrest interview (he is boring) and can only imagine what sort of shenanigans Busey pulled. Glad that a crazy mess like him can still show up to these high brow events.

6. Unrelated to the Oscars--the stars of the X-Files were at WonderCon (a mini Comic Con in San Francisco) yesterday and I have to admit that about two weeks ago I contemplated buying a ticket and going--I mean I am already embracing my dork side, why not go all out and congregate with other like-minded tools in a big convention where we hail our fictional heros? Fortunately, I ended up skiing all weekend instead.

7. That's all for now--I can't even comment on Ryan Seacrest's ridiculous baby questions to Jessica Alba and I have to finish packing.


Nathaniel said...

Dempsey went to St. Doms... gross

Jori said...

A quote from Variety's review of the Oscar's...

"The most honest moment however, belonged to model Heidi Klum when E!'s ubiquitous and relentlessly unfunny Ryan Seacrest asked what stars she looked forward to seeing. 'Nobody,' Klum said."

I like that Ryan Seacrest was called out on his unfunniness in front of the whole town. About time!