Friday, February 22, 2008

Oscar Dilemma

My moment of glory has arrived! THE ACADEMY AWARDS!

Since I moved to Los Angeles, I started imagining the weekend of the Oscars--the parties, the benefits, the clothes, the schmoozing, the show, maybe getting called up on stage when I am thanked by the hordes of stars I've assisted during my brief tenure in Hollywood...

Actually, I have just been really looking forward to maybe having some friends over to watch and make everyone fill out ballots with a prize going to the winner (probably me--in seventh grade I won the Oscar ballot at the local video store and got to take home a sweet Phillips boom box.) I was looking forward to being in a place where people actually cared about the Academy Awards.

On Monday my dad calls me up and leaves me this message (I was rollerblading per usual and missed the call): "Hi Annie, Just wanted to let you know that the condo in Park City this weekend has an extra room so if you want to come, just buy some tickets and let me know."

Um, yes?

In a flurry of excitement to get away I bought tickets, unloaded my ski gear, and started dreaming of the heavenly Utah powder I would soon be floating on.

For a moment after the plans were set I paused to think of the fact that now I couldn't fulfill my Oscar weekend dreams--in fact, because of the time of my flight I will be missing the show entirely! Whatever is a girl to do!?!

The thing is--I would rather be skiing over watching the Academy Awards any day. So fortunately my dilemma is easily resolved, and a weekend of cold weather and snow is on my horizon. (Also, having DVR really helps. I just love that opening montage!)

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Georgia said...

Annie, I can't believe you're not watching the Oscars. Sacrilege! I will send you text updates if you so desire...