Thursday, February 21, 2008

Big Tee or Dress?

I love big tees. Personal favorite? That's tough to determine. It could be my XXL Manny Ramirez Boston Red Sox shirt. Or my brother's Camp Winona "Staff" tee. Or possibly the hot pink beauty from my dad's old company that declares, "Holt, Hughes & Stamell. We take everything personally." In any case, I love a big tee. I love to talk about big tees and even more, I love the opportunity to sport one.

For this reason, my favorite current trend would have to be the big tee dress. For example, I am currently wearing a fantastic dress, that despite it's J. Crew label, is in reality just a potato sack with armholes. I have so many of these big tee dress hybrids that my closet is overflowing and I could probably go a month never repeating. These are great--you can dress them up, make them casual, sleep in them--whatever! Your life becomes remarkably versatile when you embrace the big tee dress. The other beautiful thing about these dresses--they are usually pretty inexpensive, because let's be honest, how expensive should a potato sack with armholes really be?

If and when this trend dies, as all trends eventually do, hopefully I will be able to find new purposes for my big tee dress. Perhaps at the point I will use them as they were really intended--potato sacks.

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