Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Exercising with Fabio

Since I moved to California I have avoided joining a gym. It was inevitable, however, that I bite the bullet and fork over the monthly fee for some rock hard abs. Actually, I was hoping to get by on running in my neighborhood and going to my donation-only yoga classes. But since I've been at my job for about two months now and am sick of going to yoga classes that don't get me home until 10:30 pm, or running in the dark by people eating their delicious dinners, I've finally forked over the money to join the gym. And not just any gym. Last night I joined the mecca of all gyms, Equinox.

The primary reasons I can justify paying the disgusting amount of money to work out at Equinox are these:

1. There was some sort of special going on and if I joined by the end of the month, the normal initiation fee of $525 would be reduced to $95. I actually think this "special" was in place because I called two weeks ago and when told the fee for joining I declined in my shocked state and hung up the phone. Two weeks later I am getting phone calls from their "membership advisor," Chelsea, tell me all about the "special" deal. Hook, line, and sinker.

2. There is an Equinox just about three blocks from my office and another one about three blocks from my apartment in Santa Monica--with the California pass, I can go to either (actually I can go to any gym in California so next time I am in San Francisco--Equinox here I come!).

3. It is without question the nicest gym I've ever stepped foot in, down to the climate controlled spinning and yoga rooms (the former extra cold, the latter extra hot)and the amenities in the women's locker room alone.

4. Fabio.

Yes, my fourth reason was Fabio. Why, you ask? Well last night I parked my car and was making my way to the elevators up to the gym when I noticed a man who looked as though he'd stepped off the book jacket of a Danielle Steele novel pacing around an extravagant Porsche. It was Fabio. In all his long haired, oxford shirt haphazardly unbottoned at the top, ridiculous luxury car splendor. Clearly, I had found the perfect gym. If it's good enough for Fabio, it's good enough for me.

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