Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Personal Note from Kate Walsh (HUH?)

So Friday night I am going with some friends to this event called "Good Medicine" which is featuring the casts and creators of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice in some sort of performance thing at UCLA's Royce Hall. I used to think I was scary obsessed with Grey's but then I met my match in Roommate #1, and thus we continue to fuel each other's unhealthy obsession with the show--hence our both freaking out at the opportunity to see nearly all of the cast members in this one-time-only evening.

Today, the following email showed up in my inbox:

Dear Ann Stamell,

We just obtained some updated information on "Good Medicine" on Fri, February 29. Kate Walsh is going to be unable to perform in the show. All other listed performers are going on as scheduled, but we wanted to let you know that Kate Walsh would be unable to perform. She wanted to share a personal message with you about this, and I have pasted it below my signature.


A note to ticket holders for the Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice musical benefit, “Good Medicine,” from Kate Walsh:

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry and I am sorry I have to be so sorry but still, I do, because I am writing to let you know that despite my initial commitments, I won’t be able to participate in “Good Medicine.” I wanted to come, I really, really did -- but I can't. I have a prior commitment that I tried to get out of and couldn't. I am so sorry. And so so so bummed. I am so bummed not only that we can't be there for you and our crew, but because I hate to miss what promises to be an unbelievably great evening. Audra McDonald, Sara Ramirez and Loretta Devine (known to you as the chief’s wife, Adele. She played Effie in the very first Broadway Production of Dreamgirls) are singing! Not to mention T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson, Amy Brenneman and Paul Adelstein, Tim Daly and Chris Lowell… they’re all going to sing! And so are Chief Webber and his real-life wife Gina, also a Broadway veteran. Aside from all the music, there will be appearances by Katherine Heigl, Brooke Smith, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, Chyler Leigh, Eric Dane and Taye Diggs. Basically everyone's gonna be there. Except me. I cannot believe I have to miss this. Crap. Our crews are the people who make all of it possible. I am so excited this evening is happening to raise money for them and so so sad I won't be there. I hope you forgive us and I hope you have a wonderful time.

With Love and Regret,
Kate Walsh

I find it highly comical that she sent out this email. I mean it's surprising that she actually took the time to write it, but even better is the fact the she writes exactly how all the characters on Grey's Anatomy speak. More exciting is the fact that Eric Dane will be there, as well as Justin Chambers who my good friend refers to only as "Hot Boy." Should be a fun evening.

You know who I wish wasn't going to be there? Katherine Heigl. Ugh she drives me nuts. This story only increased my annoyance with her. Yeah, yeah, I'm a broken record...

In a related note I realize I am starting to come off a little bit stalkerish (and by a little bit I mean a lot) when it comes to various members of Grey's Anatomy (i.e. Kate Walsh or Katherine Heigl). This is nothing. At some point I will tell a story that involves me listing off IMDB credits for a guest star on Grey's to said guest star's first cousin, a revolving dance floor, a bar mitzvah, and a lot of alcohol. So yeah I'm a fan...


Anonymous said...

Each to their own I guess. Heigl is the only reason I am going.

Anonymous said...

Aww too bad Kate is not going!
she is the best of all the Greys/PrP people!
Plus she is so sweet wrtiting that note!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate is so sweet:x
She is the only reason I would want to go.