Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Some thoughts for this slooooow Thursday afternoon:

1. Thanks to Roommate #1, I have recently (as in 5 minutes ago) developed an obssession and addiction to playing Scrabulous on Facebook. (If you have Facebook, don't download this application because you will neglect all other obligations in your life). If only I had discovered this when the strike was still going on. Attempting to do it now is a bad idea.

2. This morning when driving to work I had to slow down at a crosswalk for a pedestrian. Turns out the pedestrian was Chris O'Donnell aka Robin aka McVet (Grey's Anatomy reference, duh). At first I was excited, but then annoyed because dude was moving way too slow and I was rushing to get to work.

3. I woke up late today and when I hopped into the shower I stood for about five minutes, thinking how I just didn't feel like showering today. So then I got out. Fascinating creature, aren't I?

4. New lesson learned: when you use your boss's credit card to buy lunch, don't forget to give it back to him so that he doesn't yell at you later when he's making a purchase. Bigger burn is when that purchase is roses for you, the lowly but devoted assistant, on Valentine's Day.

5. My only Valentine thus far has come from my boss. MY BOSS.

6. After work I am meeting also-single Roommate #1 to imbibe copious amount of alcoholic beverages. This will be in place of what might be our fallback Heart Day activity--watching Family Guy in our sweatpants, volume on high to drown out whatever sounds might be coming from Roommate #2's bedroom (she has a boyfriend, thus no explanation necessary).

7. I am fantastic at multitasking. Granted, it's taking me a while to polish off this post, but I am doing this while playing two different games of scrabulous, writing a personal email, listening to a call, placing other calls, sending emails, reading emails, taking notes, eating mini cupcakes, ignoring the urge to vomit after eating mini cupcakes (I will never learn that lesson), stalking clients on IMDB pro, attempting to solicit invitations to Oscar parties, and so many other busy and important things I can't even get into. You're impressed.

8. I am so over this week.

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