Friday, February 08, 2008


Okay people. My favorite show au moment, Friday Night Lights, is in serious, I repeat SERIOUS, danger of cancellation. This is a show that everyone will like. Everyone! It is beautifully written, acted, filmed--the works. It's even won a Peabody Award. That's some major stuff. Check out this article from E! Online for a little more info about the show, why you should be watching and some insider scoop on it's future. Also--you can buy season one at Target for only $20! Do it and you will watch it in a week--or less. It's that good!


Alan P. said...

Wow, I never realized how informative E! Online is. Especially the video. It's so well placed and though-out. I hope to one day meet whoever is in charge of shortform content at E! and Style. That is the person I will marry.


Jori said...

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS IS AMAZING. high quality, subtle, deep, funny, real. if you are sick of all the crap TV on during the strike (or for that matter, forget the strike), do what annie says and go buy season one.