Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Recap

Ah, Monday. That terrible, most dreaded day we are forced to face every week. I would give anything to teleport back to Friday, or better even to Saturday. Since this is not yet possible (except if you are Hayden Christenson in the new Doug Liman film Jumper, in theaters everywhere this Friday!) I must own up to reality. The weekend is over, the strike is over (essentially), and I need to wake up from this over-sunned stupor from the past few days and focus. But first, a few thoughts.

1. Regarding teleporation: if I were a superhero I would like this to be my superpower. This would have been especially helpful from the ages of 5-16, when I had a habit of vomiting every single time I flew on an airplane, oftentimes more than once (record is Maine to Colorado; 6 times).

2. I feel pretty foolish after reading this article. So apparently Maine does have a primary, or a caucus rather, and I could have voted! BUT I DIDN'T! Not only am I a hypocrite for giving Roommate #2 so much shit for not voting on Super Tuesday, but I look like a serious dumbass for going around telling people I couldn't vote because Maine doesn't have a primary or caucus. However, I must say I am thrilled that Obama won the state. Go Maine!

3. On Saturday I nearly had a stroke while hiking. It was weird.

4. On Sunday I went rollerblading from Santa Monica to Marina Del Ray (this is a little over 10 miles round trip). Apparently I had gotten over the near-stroke experience. Also, I love that rollerblading is acceptable in California, and that I can relive my glory days as a figure skater anytime I want to.

5. Every day I discover more and more that I am not as "cool" as I sometimes think and that I am actually a complete dork through and through (see above points 1 and 4). I think Dwight Schrute might be my soulmate.

6. I considered watching the Grammy's last night, really just so I could "live blog," but after catching about five minutes of the show I realized, I don't care about the Grammy's. At all. They are not even worthy of an imaginary live blog.

7. I watched The Kite Runner last night and cried like a little baby. Then I ate some pretzels and browsed various titles in the "world" music category on iTunes. I contemplated purchasing some jams by an Uzbeki chick and then realized it was 11 pm on a Sunday night and why was I sitting in the living room by myself browsing world music online?

8. Again, per point #7. I am a dork. Actually, no, I am just weird.

9. I went to Taco Bell for the first time ever on Saturday night. I was overwhelmed with the decision-making process so my friend ordered for me. While I normally have an aversion to fast food, I will concede that the Crunchwrap Supreme was a delectable treat of utter goodness.

And with thoughts of Taco Bell still on the mind, that's all, for now...


Katherine said...

oh sister. i love reading about your weekend activities. suprisingly, i too had never eaten at taco bell until about 2 months ago; i have not returned since.

Anonymous said...

Hot Dog would be soooo proud