Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stamos vs. Stamos

The first photo is the well-known actor John Stamos of such hits Full House and the recently-aired Raisin in the Sun.

The second photo is... me, nicknamed at age 14, Stamos.

Thus begins a new regular series I will be exploring in which I will compete with John Stamos in a variety of areas. Categories will include, but are not limited to, hair, musical talent, acting capabilities, wardrobe, potent potables, and... miscellaneous.

Today's entry will simply be a photo duel, in which Stamos will take on me (Stamos) and we go toe to toe, or rather pose to pose, in the above photos.

I win.

Normally I wouldn't be so quick to judge. I like to take matters such as these seriously, especially when it comes to the REAL John Stamos (and not my dad, who ironically, is another REAL Jon Stamos--no H). I lack the physique and the rich flowing mane, as well as the beads of water pooling on my chest (actually they are probably there, but in my case it's definitely sweat). However, the male-Stamos loses this round thanks to the following characteristic: he has an OUTTIE belly button. EW. While I realize that my perfect INNIE belly button is not on display (do you honestly think I would post photos of my midriff on my blog? Not yet), I can guarantee I have no protrusions in the stomach area of any sort. Better luck next time, John.

Stamos 0
Stamos 1


georgia said...

I hope one of the competitions is best "Raisin in the Sun" performance because with a little sunshine and a lot of tannning oil, you truly do become a raisin in the sun. J. Stamos looks pasty in comparison.

Ida said...

agreed. wtf. get that shit removed john.

Angie said...

Hi- I ran across your blog- lots of fun! I saw John Stamos on a talk show not too long ago and he was saying that he rarely takes his shirt off in public or on TV because he had some weird surgery when he was younger which left his stomach messed-up. So, not sure that it's a real outie but more of a surgical scar!