Wednesday, March 19, 2008


(I promise to stop with the puns after this one... it's just so easy!)

New info has surfaced about the upcoming Beverly Hills 90210 spin off, actually my co-worker and I were first talking about the casting breakdowns at the beginning of the week, and today articles in both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter go into more detail about what we can expect for the new show. Apparently diversity is one of those things, as well as two kids mysteriously having the last name "Silver" (um, duh, like David Silver aka Brian Austin Green's character from the original?). Anyways, despite my initial repulsion to the idea of re-make, I am becoming increasingly excited for this re-do. Now I am wondering if they are casting unknowns or established actors. If only my brother weren't in Russia, because despite being in his late 20s I think he could easily still pass for a high schooler, both physically and behaviorally (just kidding Joshie, I love you!). Anyways, I've already got a crappy new teen drama to become addicted to new fall. I can't wait!

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