Monday, March 03, 2008

Fanaticism at its finest...

Rather than give my own rundown on the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice concert benefit I went to on Friday (where the casts of both shows performed a musical review to benefit crew members affected by the strike), I am going to direct you to a full, dead-on synopsis courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. (I'm lazy).

Instead, my recap of the night is going to fully exploit my dear friend and roommate... That's right, Roomie #1. (Apologies in advance).

I've mentioned #1's love for Grey's before, and this evening with the case certainly displayed the extent of her fanaticism. We went with two of our other friends, and found out that contrary to what we'd previously assumed, the seating was not general admission. Well that didn't matter for #1 because she was sitting in the front row. She was so close to that stage that after the show she was able to disclose who had good skin (most everyone) and who didn't (Ellen Pompeo, apparently). It would appear that #1 was the very first person to purchase a ticket for the event because she literally was in the first seat. Or, as it eventually became, she was seated in the Grey's Anatomy Outreach for Mentally Challenged people seat(s). The other three of us, ignored our given seat assignments and found a chunk of seats just far enough behind #1 that we could keep our distance in preparation for the inevitable freak out.

And that freak-out came. During intermission, Roomie #1 walks over to us and I swear to God, the girl had lost her shit. Was completely bonkers and happy and blabbering away like a fool, telling everyone how thrilled she was, mentioned sweating at one point, and the fact that she just couldn't stop talking (at a mile a minute, too). The best part was that we were several seats into the row and she was screaming over a small gaggle of folks to share this information, including Kristin Dos Santos of E! who was having a conversation with my other friend about the campaign to save Friday Night Lights. At one point #1 started talking about how this was SUCH a natural high and how OH HOW could she feel this way again (I thought about recommending drugs, but decided against it, considering her current state)!!!! I held onto her hand at one point to discover she was in fact shaking. Shaking with excitement and complete fan-happy tears! It was brilliant! The lights blinked and she calmed down enough to deliriously make her way back to her seat for the second act.

When the performance was over and the lights were up, we slowly made our way out of the theater, and Roomie #1 was keeping it cool... or cooler at least, although I could tell she was close to bursting yet again. Sure enough we get into the car and she starts screaming at the top of her lungs. She isn't just screaming your standard squeal of AHH, oh no, it was much, much better.


Of course, she didn't actually shit herself, but apparently this was the only expression of words to truly convey her feelings.

In all, the show was great and I definitely enjoyed getting to do something like that, it really was a one-time thing. The best part of the evening was watching my roommate freak out however. I probably would have paid some good money just to see her do that for 2 hours.

As an addendum, today the company that sold the tickets for the event sent out a survey asking how we would rate the performance. In my opinion, it should have read as follows:

Did you enjoy Good Medicine? Please rate your experience on a scale of one to five:

(1) I shit myself
(2) I pissed myself
(3) I blacked out
(4) I think I've been drugged
(5) I was distracted by Katherine Heigl's teeth

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Genevieve said...

Hi - I am Roomie #1's sister in the beautiful NJ - honey, I've been there - those freak out moments are rare, but boy are they a sight to see...if looking for more material - ask her about when Rob Thomas touched her hand...or the fact that she and fellow fanatic bff went to the movies to see The Titanic 8 times - 24 hours of her life she'll never get back!