Friday, February 29, 2008

So cute I want to cry and/or throw up

Click here for a video that will melt your cold, black heart. Seriously. I was freaking out at work which prompted my co-worker to ask me what sort of drugs I am on and where she can get some.

I love polar bears. Proof? (Besides the above adorable CNN footage?) The fact that when I was born someone gave me a stuffed animal polar bear, who when I could talk, was named Snowy, and has slept under my arm for all 24 years of my life. At this point Snowy barely resembles a real bear, and he has been so weathered from his years of being loved that his body is strangely flattened and he somehow garnered the nickname "Square Bear" from a friend in high school. He is the most loved stuffed animal that ever existed... but anyways the point was that Snowy's presence fostered a big love for polar bears when I was younger. The best, and most recent display of polar bears was in the BBC-produced series Planet Earth which is one of my favorite television programs of late. Here's a clip from the episode "Pole to Pole," which in my opinion, was the best episode of the show. Watch it and rejoice.

Go to the 3:37 minute mark for the polar bear stuff.


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