Thursday, March 06, 2008


Here's the deal. I live in Los Angeles, city of Hollywood dreams--so why not set forth some industry-related goals of my own? And I am not referring to becoming a top executive or an Oscar winning writer (although that would be nice). No, my Hollywood dreams of late are a little more... weird.

Goal #1
Meet John Stamos. I need to meet John Stamos and take a picture with him, merely for the opportunity to take a picture with him and then make it my Facebook profile picture. That may be pathetic and/or lame... or is it really, really cool. Because then I could tell him that I respond to the following names, all because of him, Stamos, John, Uncle Jesse. And I could also tell him I currently winning an online competition that he is unaware of. And then I would probably receive a restraining order.

Goal #2
Go to the new X-Files movie premiere. Strangely, I think this goal might be attainable, more so than the above. And I don't mean I want to hang out with the weird fans who scream and cry as they mob the red carpet, but I want to actually go to the actual premiere--on a list or as a guest. I will have to start working some connections for this one. Fortunately, our company represents a director who worked on well over 50 episodes of the show, so maybe I can angle myself in that way, somehow...

Anyways, those are my new Hollywood goals. I'll give progress reports every now and then. Wait a minute... what if I could meet John Stamos AT the X-Files premiere! I think my little heart my explode!

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