Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spin-Off: 9021NO!

(Can we pause for a moment and rejoice at that perfect pun of a post title? I'm so witty and clever.)

Okay, so Hollywood and the interwebs are abuzz with this morning's announcement that Beverly Hills 90210 is going to get a spin-off to air on the CW, spearheaded by Veronica Mars helmer Rob Thomas (not to be confused with Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas--I've done that).

Does no one have any fresh ideas anymore? Shame on you Rob Thomas! You, man who so cleverly created the brilliant Veronica Mars, you can do better! Don't get me wrong, I love, love ,love Beverly Hills. When I was younger and didn't have cable (shocking, sad truth my friends--didn't have cable until I was a sophomore in high school) I remember the summer my older cousin Joel lived on our third floor and for some reason, the black and white TV up there had an antenna long enough to pick up FOX, and every Wednesday night I would sneak up and watch as Brandon, Brenda, Dylan and the whole gang showed me a world so foreign to my own existence in coastal Maine. When I finally did get cable, I am pretty sure I caught up on any 90210 episodes I might have missed. My last few years in high school I spent Wednesday nights with friends watching Party of Five and 90210. It's safe to say that I still hold a soft spot in my heart for Steve Sanders.

Anyways, I can't imagine why on earth this series is being resurrected. I have faith in Rob Thomas, but I am not sure that this is the right direction for him right now. Give us a show that is as fun, offbeat, and smart as Veronica Mars was. Leave 90210 alone, because without that Spelling touch (and that doesn't mean Tori can make a guest star appearance--she's the last alum I would want to see) I am just think this is only proving that Hollywood's creative juices are turning more and more sour (much like the taste in my mouth after a week on the cleanse).

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