Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to Monday

Ladies and Gents, I am BACK. Back to work and back to blogging. I might still have a nasty case of bronchial asthma, but they make inhalers for such weaknesses. Yes, I am on the mend and ready to take on the world.

Not so fast. A few reasons why I've got a case of the Mondays, again:

1. Another epic weekend. I got plenty of sleep and rest, but plenty of unplanned and spontaneous events went down to make this another great one.
2. Bossman is back from London. This doesn't bode well for blogging, or for a my first full work day after about six of resting.
3. Yesterday at a concert where Ziggy Marley played, he reminded me that there is one solution and love is my religion. Why on earth would I want to spend 12 hours in a cubicle after hearing such sage advice?
4. I can no longer drink my codeine cough syrup during the day (getting loopy at work isn't such a bright idea). Boo, Monday, boo.

And thus commences another work week, and one day closer to the day I quit my job and start hanging out in LA coffee shops to pursue my "writing career."

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