Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So I was browsing EW.com as I regularly do about nine times a day, and came upon this story, about the New York Comic Convention, which made me laugh with glee (Are, too! D2! Best come back EVER.) And then I was looking at this hilarious photo slideshow and it dawned on me: anyone can go to one of these comic conventions, and while I would love to have to go for something work related (makes me appear to be less of a loser, and I think the people who go to these things far exceed me in any claim to nerdom I have), but why not just go, because at the very least, it would be a hilarious adventure and provide some great writing material, right? RIGHT!

Well, even better... I started asking around the office if anyone had ever been in the past. It turns out one of the managers goes every year. Every year. AND I AM GOING THIS YEAR. I haven't even talked to my boss about this, and it might turn into a Saturday-Sunday thing only, but now I am starting to think that maybe I can somehow make this work related and get a little reimbursement and maybe hang with the freaks and geeks but I would really be there with the managers, agents, press, and movie makers... AND OH MY GOD MAYBE DAVID DUCHOVNY WILL BE THERE. If you can't tell I am totally geeking out right now and having a SERIOUS moment, but this all just sort of came to me... Okay then I just remembered that the premiere of The X-Files: I Want To Believe is July 25 and OMG YOU GUYS it conflicts with Comic Con so what will I do if my BIG GOAL is to go the premiere but then I have this GREAT opportunity to see what sort of freaks this country has to offer at the biggest fan convention EVER.

Okay my shortness of breath is returning, I need my inhaler (for my bronchitis induced bronchial asthma, duh... wow I am not that much of a loser, puhleeze) and then I need to just take a moment to laugh about the fact that just yesterday I was sort of feeling at a miserable crossroads in my career life and then today I decide to go to Comic Con. There's a silver lining to everything, my friends.

P.S. I am realizing now that I talk about my geekiness all the time. I would like to add a little disclaimer that I am generally normal and that this love for weird sci fi pop culture phenomena is just one little facet of my personality. I also love trees (see Earth Day post) and J. Crew and beer and puppies and hippie music festivals.

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