Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Hey Everyone, it's Earth Day! So take some time to sit without the lights on, or ride your bike, maybe recycle those 40 beer cans sitting in your trash can, and don't leave the water running when you brush your teeth.

According to the hosts of NPR this morning, Earth Day in LA has been declared as a day that is officially "car free." I'm sorry, what? CAR FREE? In LA? Hah. Right. Are the people of this city stupid? I was trying to think earlier if it would be feasible for me to have gotten to work this morning without driving and while I am sure it would have been, it would probably involve upwards of two hours of my time, several bus changes, some detours to parts of the city I wouldn't ever need to visit, and a lot of Mexicans. Okay, that was terribly racist, but there is some truth to the matter, right? Right? (Stop judging, it's a joke!) Anyways, it would have been miserable if I had attempted to not drive to work. I guess there is some sort of Eco Parade going on over a few blocks of Wilshire Blvd, but that is a pretty stupid idea as it means people are just going to get pissed off and traffic will be worse and I just can't imagine how any of this is Earth-friendly at all.

In any case, Happy Earth Day, go hug a tree. If you know me well, you know I love talking about trees and birds and identifying local vegetation and animal tracks and all those other things I am interested in and the weird parts of my personality that date back to summer camp and being a Junior Maine Woodsman and living on a farm for six months when I was 17. Yeah, so go hug a tree for me.

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