Tuesday, April 15, 2008


If you've been at all curious as to where I've been all day and why there haven't been any brilliant posts on the latest episode of The Hills or how annoying it is that celebrities don't know how to use contraceptives and are getting pregnant left and right... well, it's because I am sick. Sick as a dog, and even though I went into work around 8:30 am, by 9:30 am I was being forced out by concerned co-workers. I half-watched a crappy rom com and have been sleeping since noon.

Being sick sucks, especially when it's a beautiful day out or when you have so many things you'd rather be doing with a day home from work. It sucks to just sit in bed all day, hoping you will magically feel better soon. Cough syrup with codeine is not as effective as you would think, but it sure does make you loopy.

This is reminding me of when I would post after I had my surgery and was so out of it I couldn't tell you what I had written two paragraphs ago. I also couldn't feel my face... so that's something.

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