Friday, April 11, 2008


So in a surprising twist of fate, and even after f-ing up twice at work today I was sent home early. Unfortunately I can't enjoy the sunny afternoon because I am sick. However, on my way home I did have two excellent star sightings.

I had to stop by my boss's home to drop some stuff off for his wife (yes, I too didn't know errand-running was in the job description, but it's Hollywood so I should have expected it) and on my way home swung by the Brentwood Country Mart where there is a City Bakery, one of my favorite New York transplants. When in City Bakery getting a lemonade I spotted Felicity herself, Keri Russell, having an animated conversation with a friend at a table in the corner. She looks just like she does on TV, although I wish her hair had been curlier/nappier and perhaps if she had been wearing some Chuck Taylors and maybe wearing a napsack, ooooh or maybe if Scott Speedman had walked in and said something really poignant and touching but just not sensitive enough--well then that would have been perfect.

When I was leaving, I drove by Bruce Willis getting out of his car with his girlfriend, who promptly jumped into his arms and straddled him while he carried her. She was a poorman's Demi and the PDA was unnecessary.

Regardless, not too shabby for a five minute trip to get some lemonade.

Now I'm home in bed... trying to nap... blogging instead.... always blogging...

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