Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm sick and I am going to complain about it

1. I am sick. Again. I am on antibiotics. Again. I seem to have some issues with my immune system.
2. As a result of Point 1, I am extremely congested and currently unable to breathe out of my left nostril, or hear properly out of my right ear. You'd think the sides of congestion would correspond, but apparently not. My body hates me.
3. Due to the current illness, I am actually hoping the weather this weekend will not be nice. I would like to lie in bed recuperating without that side portion of guilt. Damn you Los Angeles for being so typically sunny.
4. No matter how many echinacea tablets, how much Cold-Eeze, how many packets of Emergen-C, how much Sudafed, how many capsuls of Oscillococcinum, how many cups of Yogi Cold Defense tea you may take, if you're coming down with a cold, you're coming down with a cold.
5. Fridays are oftentimes unbearably long, and even longer when every cell in your body is screaming GO TO BED.
6. Complaining about being really sick at work does nothing to improve said sickness.
7. All creative juices seem to flood out of me when I am sick as I seem to have nothing interesting to write about at the moment.
8. It is shocking how much snot one body can contain! (Ew, I know, but really, it's a marvel!)

That's all... maybe something good later if I can muster the energy.

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