Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wear a Big Tee to Work Day

I am officially disgustingly predictable. I was just talking to a friend online who was asking me about my office dress code, and then asked what I was wearing today, resulting in the following conversation:

Ramsay: do you ever wear plush jumpsuits to work?
Annie: mm
Annie: no, no plush to work
Annie: we are alll business all the time
Annie: but i do get to wear blue jeans to work on fridays hurrah
Ramsay: is it Cas Friday?
Annie: mm hmmm
Ramsay: what do you wear during the week?
Ramsay: big tees and a belt?
Annie: oh my god i am not kidding
Annie: i wish i was
Annie: i am wearing this big black t dress
Annie: and i belted it
Annie: and i have leggings on
Annie: omg i am sending you a photo
Annie: hold on i am going to the bathroom and taking a photo
Annie: brb
Ramsay: thats amazing!!!
Annie: i am so predictable
Annie: and i am pushing the dress code

And here's the photo of my big tee/80s inspired envelope-pushing outfit for work today (taken with my phone, in the bathroom on the 8th floor of The Luckman Plaza):

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