Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Job Openings in Dubai?

I spent a little over an hour yesterday learning about Dubai. Yes, Dubai, as in that cool city in the United Arab Emirates you may have heard of because it boasts the world's nicest hotel (the Burj Al Arab)and has a bunch of artificial islands, including a whole bunch that from an aerial view resemble the world.

Anyway, I started poking around on Wikipedia yesterday, researching important trivia such as the World's Tallest Buildings and Highest Selling Recording Artists and along the way I started reading up on Dubai. I then remembered I knew of some fellow Middlebury alums whose American employers had stationed them in Dubai. This then led me to researching companies I might be interested in working for that also have outposts in Dubai. The results were... unclear. It would appear that the Google office only hires at very senior level positions and after much self-evaluation it would appear my job qualifications are equivalent to that of a secretary. Then I got distracted by stalking people on Facebook and forgot about looking at other places that might have some Dubai job openings.

I am nervous what this sudden interest in jobs in Dubai says about my current mental state... Maybe I just want to go there for vacation. Actually I definitely do and sent my Dad an email stating that I felt Dubai would be the appropriate choice for our next family vacation. Then I ripped on the Pistons for a while so he said that if were going to remain a Celtics fan then Dubai would never happen.

If anyone knows of any job ideas in Dubai or other foreign and exotic lands (the Middle East or elsewhere), let me know. Until then, it's lunch at my desk. Who knows what fun things I can find on the internet today!

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