Tuesday, May 06, 2008

LA Weather Conditions

It's dreary out. Actually I have no idea what the current weather conditions are because my cubicle is not near any windows and the doors to the offices with windows through which I normally observe Los Angeles weather patterns are closed. Based on my drive this morning, I would say it's probably dreary, and likely to "burn off" by the afternoon. This notion of clouds "burning off" is new to me. I think it really means that around noon all the smog lifts to reveal it is just a regular sunny, nice day after all.

Regardless, right now I can't think of nothing I want more that to put on some sweatpants and curl up with a good book. Which is odd, because I live in California and I feel like this is a feeling I rarely have, so I am starting to think that perhaps I am really just missing New England and springtime in New England which is usually a lot of rain. (And therefore conducive to feelings of curling up with a book.) I was watching the Today Show at the gym this morning and when they do that bit about "Here's the weather in your neck of the woods" I still wish I would get to see Maine's weather. Weather in Los Angeles is pretty boring; "70, 70, 68, 72 and don't worry it will be nice for the weekend!" Because it wasn't nice the rest of the week? I have to admit that I miss the ice storms, the near-flood conditions, the freak hail storms in June, and all that snow.

I know the grass is greener on the other side and if I were in Maine I would be thinking, my God this weather is miserable, but there is something to be said about experiencing extreme weather conditions, or just varying weather conditions at all. It's exciting... or maybe it just keeps things interesting, makes the passage of time a little more noticeable, and I am less inclined to feel guilty spending a day inside.

Look at me, complaining about sunshine. Stay tuned for next week when I complain about not being tan enough. (No really, I will, because I suffer from a disease known as Tanorexia. Yes, Tanorexia is real. Hundreds of American's suffer from this debilitating affliction. No my stomach isn't made of leather. Its hard, rubbery surface is one of the symptoms of Tanorexia. Leave me alone. I need to go to the beach.)


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