Tuesday, May 06, 2008

London's Investigative Journalism Standards, Setting New Lows for Everyone

Sometimes I think I would like to live in London because I always enjoyed visiting the city and it's European but it's quite close to American, and they drink a lot of tea there and spell some words that would normally end in just "or" with "our" just because they can and everyone is so nice and maybe I could start to develop a slight accent, but less than Madonna's but ANYWAY MY POINT....

I am glad I do not live in the UK because their celebrity journalism is far worse than here in the US. They essentially invented the rag and the tabloid system of our fine country is practically plucked from theirs. (Actually, when I interned at Us Weekly I remember some of the Senior Editors had come over from the UK mags OK and Hello!)

But in England, they study things such as The Gwyneth Effect, or more commonly known as a bogus story The Mail invented to explain a sudden increase in consumer buying of high heels and its direct correlation to Gwyneth Paltrow. Good work England, keep up that stellar investigative journalism.

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