Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hey Jaw Wired Shut-ers, Gossip Girl here. Actually not the REAL Gossip Girl, but your favorite West Coast GG wannabe.

Spotted Monday night around 6 pm at Urth Cafe on Main St in Santa Monica: Little T. That's little Jenny Humphrey to you GG fans, or the minuscule actress Taylor Momsen. Little T was looking pretty down and out while staring into her perfectly trendy California cuisine. Maybe it was the fact she was wearing high top converse with a flowing skirt? Could it be that her pale NY skin can't handle the LA sun? It looked like her momager's overuse of make up and animal prints might have something to do with Little T's scowl. In any case, that 14 year old looked like she could use some cheering up. Don't worry T, summer hiatus will fly by and you can go back to hanging out with twenty something year olds on set again (unless you want to move in with me and my friends. We'd totally help you on your math homework and stuff... too creepy?).

Until September... see you on Main St.

Who am I? I'll never tell (I'm so discreet).
You know you love me,

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