Thursday, May 15, 2008

Writer's Block

For the past three hours I've had a "new post" window open and have probably written and deleted stuff about five or more times. It would appear that I have nothing to write about today. Shocking I know, because at the very least I usually am able to talk about myself (which I guess I am doing now, so maybe this post negates what I am attempting to write about... whatever just go with it) but I seem to be lacking creativity this lovely Thursday. (And I thought I would refrain from writing about how Diet Dr. Pepper is an underrated soda, which was my back-up plan, so you're welcome).

I am realizing I don't have much to write about because I am not doing a whole lot these days. Life's been pretty boring for me recently due to two things, being sick and lacking money. So that's interesting. I guess. Good news is I am headed to San Francisco after work tomorrow night and I have quite the eventful weekend planned.

Until then... maybe I will find some entertaining CNN headlines to rip on...

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