Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some More Things I Have to Say About Sweating

You may recall this post, back from December where I waxed poetic about my sweating problem. Or maybe you didn't but couldn't help notice the constant references to sweating throughout the blog.

Well, yes, it's true, I am a bit of a sweater. It's strange, my condition, in that I will suddenly find myself sweating for no apparent reason. Like now, for example. I am just sitting at my desk, in our temperature moderated office, sweating away. I might draw the conclusion that this is because of my current bout of illness, but the thing is, even if I weren't sick I would probably still be sweating. It's uncomfortable. And awkward. Especially around the hair line. Then it's noticeable.

Actually, one thing I've noticed about sweating in LA is that people here don't seem to be big sweaters. Even in the gym! For me, the gym is the place where not only is it acceptable to sweat, but it's kind of badass when I get good and sweaty after a few miles on the treadmill. But LA chicks at the gym, all in their perfect Lulu Lemon matching spandex, and usually on the elliptical machine (lame), just don't seem to sweat as much. I relish sweating during a good work out... it's cleansing and gratifying in a way. What is the deal with these LA chicks and the non-sweating? Apparently if you sweat it means you are in good shape, or healthy or something. So, hah! I am the picture of good health (just don't ask my doctor).

Oh wow all this thinking about sweating isn't helping... it seems to be exacerbating the situation. And now I've officially told you more than you could possibly want to know about me. Please excuse me while I just take a moment to dab a kleenex on my hairline.

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Ashley Lyddane said...

This months Allure did a bit on Sweating in their Beauty by Numbers secion. Not sure if you are familiar but I love the random stats they provide and this month it is all about sweating. Check it out.