Friday, June 06, 2008

Gas prices lead to nervous breakdowns?

For a recent graduate trying to make her way in the world, at a job with no overtime where I'm already getting paid a miserably low sum (thus is the plight of the Hollywood Assistant), I am a little freaked out by the sharp increase in gas prices over the past few days. LA sucks because you have to drive everywhere. I love the commute and the self-sufficiency, as well as not having to deal with annoying people and smelly public transportation, however the hours on the road every morning equal money money money.

Thanks to my intrepid search of a low priced gas station on my work route, I was able to fill up for prices that usually hovered just under $4. In fact, at this lovely BP on San Vicente and Barrington, I've never seen prices for regular unleaded exceed the $4 cutoff. Until yesterday when they were at $4.29. And then today at $4.39. It's nice to know that while one of my paycheck's doesn't even cover my rent, oh and then tack on that extra $200 a month (and rising) I am spending on gas. I either need a hybrid or I need to work closer to home or I need to become a skilled bicyclist, because at the rate gas prices are moving, and the status quo of my income--all spells potential disaster or nervous breakdown.


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