Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Hills Meets NYC

You know what I haven't done in a while? Talk about The Hills. Well good news Hills lovers (comme moi). The most realistic of all these gals, Lauren's Teen Vogue co-worker Whitney Port, is getting her own spin-off. Even better (and a very, very smart move on MTV's part) joining Miz Whitney as she makes her way in the New York City fashion world is socialite/blogger/feuder Olivia Palermo. Even better than The Hills crew are real New York socialites. I am not talking about Paris Hilton, the faux-socialites of Gossip Girl, or Ivanka Trump (although she fits the bill a little better than the others). I am talking about Tinsley Mortimer, Lydia Hearst (who did make a Gossip cameo), and sure, Olivia Palermo. And who else is excited to see a California girl, such as Miss Port, try to make her way in the big city? I sure am. I can always use a little more Hills in my life. The Hills + NYC = Guilty Pleasure Galore.

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