Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The nerdy little sister, aka ME

Speaking of geek, the following is an email I wrote to my brother last night. He's currently traveling through Thailand or somewhere exotic after spending several months in Russia. I would like to follow it with some self-deprecating commentary but I think the email itself speaks volumes.

hey Joshie,

Dad mentioned something to me about you maybe coming to LA earlier because of a hernia or something? what's going on? I hope everything is okay... and of course come to LA whenever... just let me know when you think you might get in. If you happen to come earlier (I think Dad mentioned the 16th?) I REALLY hope you are here June 22nd. Why? I just bought 2 tickets to a special event at the LA Film Festival... It is Entertainment Weekly's special sneak peak at the new X-Files movie with Director Chris Carter and David Duchovny. That last sentence made my brain explode. EW... X-Files... Duchovny. OMG. Hahaha. So anyway I bought 2 tickets, and of course if you are around, you are my first choice for accompaniment so I hope you come to LA sooner!

Anyways, keep me posted and let me know how everything is. I miss you so much and think of you all the time! I keep thinking how fun it would be if you lived here... or things keep happening and I am like "oh man I wish I could call Josh right now!" Haha this applies to one day when I blew the BEST snot rocket and said to my friends, "I wish my brother was here he would really appreciate that one" and they looked at me with very shocked expressions.


It's okay, I'm embarrassed for me too.

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