Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Some Wednesday Nostalgia

Thank God we had PBS growing up, because even without the cable, PBS was a saving grace. I especially loved Faerie Tale Theater. We recorded many of the episodes and I even recall receiving some of my favorites for Christmas. Favorite ever? That would be a tie between "The Princess and the Pea", starring Liza Minelli and a hilarious Tom Conti, and "Aladdin", starring Valerie Bertinelli, James Earle Jones, and directed by Tim Burton. So good. Clips below.

Aladdin (very Burtonesque with those odd geometric lines and bizarre shapes)

The Princess and the Pea (with Shelly Duvall's intro)

And yes, just a few weeks ago I sat with two friends and watched "The Twelve Dancing Princesses." That episode is just plain old weird. Nostalgic, sure... but very odd.

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