Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome to the Company

A quick one because it's an unexpectedly busy Monday morning...

1. I am awkwardly sunburned. One of the partners told me I either look like I got too much sun or drank too much. Ahh, yes, the beer tan. Hmm... after the game last night maybe it is a little bit of a combo of the two.
2. Our first summer intern has arrived! Training interns BLOWS but holy moly how happy am I? The massive pile of files might go down finally. Of course it is pure chaos when the poor thing gets here. We are talking people screaming, a phone being thrown against a wall, doors slamming. Welcome to the company...
3. Is it really mid-June? Incredible. Time flies... not necessarily when you are having fun, but when you are working a lot, sure.
4. I tried to watch an episode of that show Burn Notice last night, thanks to a screener package sent to work. Pretty meh. Bruce Campbell alert though! I sure love those B-movie sci-fi actors.
5. Booo Lakers.

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