Thursday, July 24, 2008

Aliens, ABBA, and Annie

I just overheard the following conversation in the elevator:

"Hey when are you going to Comic Con?"
"Oh I think I am going to go just for Saturday, what about you?"
"Tomorrow I think."

And then they were off. What about me? When am I going to Comic Con? Funny you should ask... I'm not going. Nope. Instead I will be spending my Saturday cancelling my Verizon Wireless account, dealing with cars salesman (likely being told I have to wait three months or something for a Prius), and moving in my new roommate to our apartment. This will all be redeemed on Sunday when we are heading to the U.S. Open for surfing at Huntington Beach, and then the OC County Fair. But no, no geeks or fanboys for me.

HOWEVER... Tonight, if the universe decides to stop shitting on me, I will be attending the press screening of The X-Files. Not quite the same as the premiere or the crazy fan gatherings at the midnight showings at the Arclight, but still pretty fantastic. Keeping my fingers crossed I can make it.

It's been a little walk down memory lane talking to people this week about my former obsession with that show. Sure it seems like I am into it now (lets take a gander at the many posts I write about it) but honestly nothing compares to my high school love. It's entertaining whenever I talk to a friend from high school who sort of laughs at me, remembering how when I was captain of the field hockey team my senior year I decided all our plays would be named after X-Files characters, or when I wrote my final English paper on "Jungian Psychology and The X-Files." That, my friends, was obsession. It's a little nostalgic getting to revisit the show now, and laugh, scoff, fondly remember that time in my life.

Actually, seeing Mamma Mia! last night was, as I mentioned earlier, a nice reminder of my former love for ABBA. Honestly, that movie was hilarious and I think it's been getting panned by critics, but it is one of the most frivolous, feel good flicks I've seen in a long time. I recommend!

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