Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My B

I just realized I posted the trailer for The Hills twice. Oops. Why did this terrible mistake take place? Well it would seem my friend who works at E! didn't realize I had already posted the exact same footage on my blog, and I being a blind rabbit didn't realize I had either--thus the double posting of the video. (Unless I am wrong and the E! vid goes in places no man has gone before, in which case I clearly need to do a better job of reading and watching everything I post, although I just outted myself and my poor proofreading skills--which, btw, you should already be aware of. OBV.)

Anyways. Sorry to make you endure that crapfest twice. I certainly don't love/hate it enough for that.

I am going to see Mamma Mia! this evening. I would like to apologize in advance to all those who will be in the theater with me, for they will have to endure me singing along to all of the songs. Yes, all. I went through a serious ABBA phase in high school. Sadly, I remember once slowly listening to "Money Money Money" and writing out the lyrics so I could memorize them because I was pretty sure that song was the coolest thing since slice bread. I've since discovered other things cooler than sliced bag and perfectly melodized ABBA songs, but everynow and then I can't help but sing "It's a rich man's world..." And so forth.

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