Thursday, July 10, 2008

cheeee eeeeeese

As I think I mentioned yesterday (or maybe it was the day before... cross country flights really mess with my sense of time) I used to be obsessed with Old School. I mean I watched that movie on a weekly basis, sometimes twice in a 24 hour time period (this would be because I would drunkenly fall asleep with the movie playing on a Saturday night and wake up Sunday morning and just replay--this also explains why I've seen the first half of Old School a significantly greater number of times more than the second. Oh, and the extra features.) Anyway, I used to quote the film a lot too, but am finding as Old School is roughly five years old now, my references have gotten, well, old. So with no further adieu, I'm bringing it back. Starting with my favorite line (catch it in the spotty clip below):

Oh yeah, Cheeee eeeeeese.

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