Thursday, July 03, 2008

Poor Man's Stamos

Roomie #1 here, aka ditonto. Annie so kindly suggested that I blog while she's away, so I will do my best to live up to her blogging standards. Although after her last post I'm guessing no one's going to check this until she gets back from the Vineyard (said with snobby accent). That's fine. I'm use to rejection (single tear).

I've never done this blogging thing and so I'm a little bit nervous and very amused by the whole process. For example, apparently the labels for this post are automatically suggested once you start typing and "scooters" is currently a label for mine. I mean, sure, why not?

I had no idea what to blog about, but then I thought, why don't I give Annie's very loyal readers a little commentary on their fearless blogging leader from the somewhat random roomie's perspective. Most of you know her quite well, but not all have you have lived with her, and even fewer have met her one day and lived with a shared wall between you and her the next, and that my friends, is an experience. I'd like to call this portion of the blog, Things I've Learned from Stamos...

1 - Self indulgent blogging can be liberating.

2 - Being a huge overly obsessed fan of Grey's Anatomy is waaaaaaay cooler than being a huge overly obsessed fan of "other worldly" movies and shows, ie - X-Files, LOTR

3 - Just Say Yes

4 - Being "bad ass" is a state of mind AND the main purpose in life.

5 - One can never have too many pairs of green pants

6 - There is a right and wrong way to cook eggs

7 - Who Jack Roger and Lilly Pulitzer are

8 - What NOT to say to a sensitive person during their sensitive moment

9 - How to properly do the 'shoulder jerk' dance when driving

10 - Girls who go to sleep in their pearl earings can also wake up early on Sunday in an XL t-shirt to watch football

so that's all I got for now...remember when reading this that this is in fact a No Judgement Zone

thanks and have a wonderful/drunk 4th!

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Georgia Jolink said...

The title of this post=hilarious. Nice work. Annie, have you seen the preview for Stepbrothers? You will know why I ask if you have....