Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Two Reasons I am Going to See Step Brothers

I'm sort of over the Will Ferrell tired and true brand of comedy. Talladega Nights was painful and I slept through half of Semi Pro (okay so I was drunk when I watched it but that is besides the point). In college Will Ferrell was my go-to. I used to spend every hungover Sunday morning watching Old School and I loved Anchorman from the moment I laid eyes on that beautiful Ron Burgandy mustache. Since then, the humor has gotten a bit... stale. I had no intentions of ever seeing the newest flick, Step Brothers, however as the trailer has been popping up on TV and in theaters, I just can't avoid it. And I have to say, there are two big reasons I am going to see the film, reasons that go back to the original Step Brothers trailer that first aired over a month ago.

1. The perfect use of the Hall and Oates jam "You Make My Dreams"
2. The perfect use of John Stamos

See for yourself.

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