Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hotter Than Hell

New York. Yes, New York is hotter than hell. Manhattan specifically. Since around 5 pm EST yesterday (Monday) I've been suffering the scorching, heavy, and especially sweaty temperatures and humidity levels of the lovely New York City. Up until my arrival here I was ready to move back East. Well sure, who wouldn't want to vacation on Martha's Vineyard for the rest of their life? Then we got back to the city, and I was so perfectly reminded of a big reason as to why I left in the first place (flashbacks to running around here last August, sweating problem on overdrive, hot, sticky, sick of dealing with smelly public transportation and ready to drive to LA where all my hopes and dreams would come true).

And here I am, a little under a year later (a year being the start of my cross country road trip), certainly missing the East Coast, and NYC, but ever so excited to return home to LA.

A special thank you to Roomie #1, aka Ashleigh DiTonto, for her lovely blog posts. They were less of inspired writing as they were me sending her text messages and emails in which I used phrases such as "I demand you blog!" and "I know you are hooked, keep going!" But really I think she did quite a lovely job, staying in the tone of Jaw Wired Shut and adding her own flavor. Hopefully I will get her to add posts here and there from now on. Actually, anyone is more than welcome to write on this bad boy. (Anyone I deem worthy, aka anyone with a decent sense of humor, a high capacity for self-depreciation, and certainly someone self aware enough to recognize the high narcissistic levels of this entire enterprise).

What else is new besides feeding my sweating problem in New York and love for polo shirts and pearls on MV... I've been forced to (and against my will, can I add) shop quite extensively for my new job. Now this might surprise you... you might expect that I would be an avid shopper, harboring a deep love for all things material. Well, friends, this is NOT the case. I may love J. Crew and I may have an excessive wardrobe, but the actual process of acquiring said clothes is, in my humble opinion, NOT FUN. Especially not in 90 degree weather with humidity circa 100%. Especially when the clothes being shopped for are not fun exciting leisure clothes (in my case sweat pants and big tees) but are clothes for WORK. For your CAREER. For your PROFESSION. I am proud to say I still do not own a suit, although I am one step closer because I got a nice suit jacket. I know it might seem odd, or contrary not to own the matching pants, but I refuse until absolutely necessary. I prefer to mix and match anyways. So yes, it would seem that my time in New York has been spent shopping and sweating, and neither has been all that enjoyable.

I will say, it is wonderful to have spent some quality time back home on the East Coast and with my family. It's been a nice little recharging of the batteries but I'm fully charged now, starting to sweat, and ready for a return trip to my new home. And, as it's hotter than hell here, I can fully appreciate those 0% humidity levels Santa Monica has to offer. New Yorkers, be jealous. And then come visit.

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