Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hmm so today I can access the blog at work... ANYWAY, I AM OKAY! Terrifying 3 car pile ups aside, and three hours of sleep (one of them in a hospital bed), I am doing GREAT here, running on adrenaline and enjoying day two of work.

So let's get into some normal JWS (that's Jaw Wired Shut, obv) features, such as the following paragraph in which I am going to rant and rave a bit about Battlestar Galactica being snubbed from the Emmy's.

Okay Emmy voters, seriously this is such a great show with SUPERB acting and yet no love! Not even a nomination! AND HOLD THE PHONE, where was Friday Night Lights? That's simply outrageous! These are two stellar shows that are repeatedly shut out in all categories (except for maybe sound editing and/or effects for BSG, but puuuhleeeze no one cares about those things) and it just boggles my mind that (a) not that many people watch them and (b) while critically acclaimed they never seem to garner the awards they should. For shame!

A full list of Emmy nominees is here.

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