Thursday, July 17, 2008

Live Blog (from the hospital?)

Well... I am not sure where to begin... Let's start with the happy moments of my day and we'll get to the reason I am blogging from the Santa Monica hospital from my iPhone in just a minute.

The first day of work was a breeze. I only spilled on myself once and I even had friends to eat lunch with. Unfortunately I can't even access the blog at work so things might be slow around here for a little while. After work (which I got to leave early) I joined current roomie Ashleigh to have dinner with our soon to be roomie (another Annie) and her mom at West Hollywood staple The Ivy. It was divine. On my drive home I was thinking about how much I was dreading getting up early to workout when BAM the car in front of me slams on his breaks, I slam on mine and would have been clear if in that instant I hadn't been rear ended by the car behind me, causing me to rear end the dude in front.

Thank God I was wearing a seat belt. Everyone was okay for the most part, although I was pretty shook up and the seat belt, while life saving, did a number on my sternum, which is why I am currently waiting for a cat scan.

All in all a great evening, huh? (Please note sarcasm). Fortunately Ashleigh provided some comic relief when she picked me up at the scene of the accident, doling out Tylenol like candy and humoring the guy I hit when he asked if she was Persian. Even better was the crazy homeless lady making a scene at the ER.

So after determining all other patients are old people on the brink of death I sent Ashleigh home with the agreement that if I am still here after 5 am she'll come pick me up. Let's hope not. What a night.

Great first day at work, no?

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