Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Insurance Hell

I've been seriously lacking in posts today (obviously--considering it's almost 5 pm PST and all you East Cost Jaw Wired Shut readers were probably like "F that" and are home for the evening) and all because I've been in insurance hell and it's sucked away my life force. Okay, not my life force but my creative juices. Thanks to one uninsured kid driver named Reynaldo I've got another lovely claim with my lovely insurance company to deal with.

I think my co-workers must associate me with the following: unable to properly operate a motor vehicle, confused sense of style (i.e. trendy/hippie outfit I am wearing today vs. preppy/casual outfit yesterday), obsessed with Maine and some sandwhich that can only be purchased in Maine, in denial of lactose intolerance, and I am sure there are more I could speculate on.

Anyhoo, I've got more insurance questionnaires to fill out and need to further ruminate on perhaps why my luck has yet to turn (fingers crossed it will now) and then maybe I will be back with a review of Pineapple Express or something.

If all else fails I am considering investing in a nice and safe bike (actually it's a family joke how pathetic my bike skills are) or perhaps a motorized scooter.

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