Thursday, August 07, 2008

Olympic Fever

Who is excited for the Olympics to kick-off tomorrow on the eerie date of 8/8/08?

Not me.

Really, I'm not. I have never been a huge Summer Olympics kind of gal. The things I would want to watch, like sailing, don't seem to air at times conducive to my TV watching schedule. I am much more into the winter games. There are a lot more opportunities for Norwegian sweaters, cowbells, and zinc in the Winter Games. Actually, beach volleyball allows for zinc so I guess that is cool too. Are surfing and skateboarding Olympic sports? I am guessing not. If they were maybe I would watch. Something to think about, IOC.

I guess it might be interesting to watch the world's greatest athletes compete in severely polluted conditions, but I don't know, something about the words "summer" and "olympics" in one grandiose title just makes me sweat uncomfortably at the mere thought. I much prefer the winter games--all that skiing, the luging, the bobsledding, the figure skating! Gymnastics has NOTHING on figure skating. Sure it might require a little more athletic prowess but where figure skating is lacking in sheer physical feat, it makes up for in FLARE. And there's nothing quite like getting to watch a shitty figure skater. Call me an asshole, but it's entertainment.

I would say I am pumped for the opening ceremonies, but again--not so much. That's probably because our cable hasn't been set up just yet (Saturday morning Direct TV, NFL Sunday Ticket and like 900 premium channels will be in FULL EFFECT) so it's not really even an option. Anyway, I have bigger plans for my Friday night... like laundry and maybe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Just kidding. Hah. Sort of.

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