Friday, August 08, 2008

Discovery: Knitting Geek Goes Where No Geek Has Gone Before

Check out this chick's blog--she is knitting a scarf that will eventually depict the entire first level of Super Mario Bros. She's taking her geekdom to a place all other geeks envy: yarn. Okay, maybe not--but I personally think that's quite an impressive side project. My geek side projects include re-reading Watership Down once a year and watching Star Wars whenever I feel homesick (odd, because I am not from a planet called Tatooine or a galaxy far, far away... I just grew up pretending I was?)

I knit a scarf once. That's right! I know how to knit. It was really scratchy and I think I gave it to my mom or something. I don't really remember.

To knit is one of those words that is the same in the past and present tense. It throws me off. I think that all the advances in technology have resulted in a decline in my own grammatical understanding. Or something.

I'm exhausted. Which is not surprising because I was up at 5:40 am for a spinning class because why not waking up three hours early for some self-inflicted pain, sweating, and intense exercise on a Friday. This morning is moving veeeerrrry slooooooowly.

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