Friday, August 08, 2008

Most Ridiculous CNN Article About Pot Ever

Yeah okay so that's a bold claim, but please read this article, "Mexian cartels running pot farms in U.S. national forest".

Some points worth noting:

"These aren't Cheech and Chong plants," said John Walters, director of the National Drug Control Policy.

Good one, John. You've not only shown you are up with pop culture, but you clearly understand how kids today think of pot. And, clearly you've got a sense of humor.

"People who farm now are not doing this for laughs, despite the fact Hollywood still thinks that. They're doing it to make a lot of money."

Ooooh methinks Mr. Walters was not a fan of Pineapple Express. And that's a bold statement against Hollywood, sir, and as a member of the aforementioned Hollywood community, I resent that.

Over the last eight days, a federal, state and county law enforcement initiative called Operation LOCCUST has eradicated 420,000 marijuana plants here worth more than $1 billion on the street.

OOOOOH CNN is so subtle! 420! 420! 420!

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